Stefan Popovic,


Professional, fast, always ready to help! Really without complaint. 10+!

Kristijan Binski,

UI designer

I’ve switched from another (well known) provider a couple of months ago, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. My website is loading much faster, so I am super happy with the performance, and their customer support is just outstanding. Unlimited.rs is highly recommended.

Dario Djuric,

Web designer

The best technical support ever! They are always fast and ready to help. Price-Quality ratio is more than excellent. Good luck with further work. A special greeting for Natasha.

Boris Puzović,

Web developer

I switched from one of the “famous” hosting providers to Unlimited. My friend, who was using their services for some time, recommended them. They’re incredible. The only web hosting provider that offer free support with VPS and polite customer support. They have solution for every problem. Prices are great, and so is the service. Their support is legendary.

Zoran Martinov,

Čep za hendikep

Our association exist five years, and during that time we had the opportunity to work with different hosting companies. But at the end we settled in with Unlimited team with whom we became friends. Thanks to the whole team and their excellent support, our website is always available welcoming all people of goodwill. It is our pleasure to have Unlimited as a part of our team.

Aleksandar Hadžić,

Airplane Market, CEO

As an online business with an international presence, sometimes we needed technical support in the middle of the night. Unlimited team was there for us at those moments, they are always available give us advice and support. Their service is worth much more than we paid for.



During the first months of our cooperation, Unlimited team showed us that we made the right decision choosing them to host our websites. It is not easy to choose a web hosting company, but if you find professionals, you will never have to worry about the speed and availability of websites, server downtime, email malfunctioning. Besides that, they have great technical and customer support, that was always available, regardless of the time of the day, answering to our request almost immediately.

Nemanja Stanojević,

Web designer

I recommend Unlimited to everyone I know! Whether they need web hosting services or not. I am more than satisfied with the price-quality relationship. The servers are working perfect and Unlimited employees are kind, fast and ready to solve any problem at any time. Sometimes I am embarrassed of how stupid questions I ask, and in spite of that they help me.

Zoran M.,

Web developer

I recommend everyone to try the services of Unlimited.rs, because, despite the fact that they don’t have anything to lose by chosing a secure provider that has experienced people behind it, the prices are affordable and the quality is really competable with the world’s largest providers.

Milan Zarić,

Fitness trainer

Given the fact that our website plays a crucial part of our marketing and that it presents one of the main channels of communication with existing and especially new members, we needed a professional and reliable partner for hosting and maintenance of our websites and domains. Luckily we found UNLIMITED.RS, a company that provided us with truly professional service and 24/7 support. Thanks to this provider, we are now 100 % sure that our websites are constantly online.

Mirko T.,


What you see, is what you get….even better! I have nothing but words of praise for this provider. Oh, yes. Their support is really on task 00-24h. Great job, keep pushing forward!

Marin B.,

web designer

I resell RS. domains via Unlimited.rs, and I have to say that I’m really satisfied with our partnership. I recommend this provider!

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